Government Changes to Gas Oil & DERV

May 30th, 2018

There have been significant changes to gas oil & DERV (Diesel oil for road vehicles).

A new government directive means that the amount of bio-fuel being mixed into gas oil and DERV has risen.

  • Currently the bio levels in your fuel can be up to 4.8%.
  • This is set to change and will go up to as much as 7%.

This will affect every fuel supplier up and down the country.

How could this affect you?

Poor housekeeping around the storage of your fuel may have adverse effects on your business and livelihood.

Bio-fuels are grown from biologic feed-stock and all living things require water. If you already have water in your tank, the reaction of adding more bio-fuel to it could have a very serious knock on effect.

What precautions can I take to combat the changes to Gas Oil & DERV?

Northern Energy can provide a number of different solutions to help the longevity of your fuel. We can help with fuel storage and putting an end to any bugs within your fuel by administering additives.

Particularly if you store fuel for your business, the additives we offer will prolong the life and increase the efficiency of your Gas Oil and DERV.

Water in diesel will lower the fuel quality

When storing diesel fuel there will be two main chemical reactions.

  • Oxidation – When fuel is exposed to oxygen (or oxygen-bearing substances).
  • Hydrolysis – If the fuel is exposed to water.

Both of these reactions will cause a chain reaction, resulting in darkened fuel and a build-up of sludge that will fall to the bottom of your tank.

Fuel heavily contaminated with water may lead to corrosion in your engine.

Fuel injection components have the increased likelihood of bacterial activity in the fuel causing clogging of lines and filters.

To remain microbe-free your diesel tank must not contain water

Inspect your tank regularly for signs of wear and tear. While metal tanks are prone to corrosion and rust, old plastic tanks can suffer from cracks and splits. A weak spot on your tank may split when a delivery is made due to to the weight of the fuel.

Tank Crack DERV Gas OIL Kerosene Heating oil


Particularly in older tanks, rain water and condensation will find its way in and sink to the bottom. Being at the bottom of your tank, removing water can be very problematic.

Bacteria and fungus in diesel fuel needs water to multiply. Once the microbes have established themselves, it is very hard to remove them. They will create acids that can spoil the fuel, corrode tanks, block filters and ultimately cost you money!

Quite simply, the more water in the fuel tank, the higher the risks.

How do I recognise the symptoms of water in my diesel?

When running a diesel engine, if your fuel contains water there will be a noticeable difference.

Look out for;

  • Overall poor performance
  • Erratic idling
  • Variance on pressure indicators
  • Engine cut out
  • Particularly black or white smoke from the engine
  • Below zero temperatures will freeze the water in your diesel

You can of course call Northern Energy and speak to one of our commercial fuel staff for further advice on the changes to gas oil & DERV – 01423 770 666

CLICK HERE to visit our fuel additives page.



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