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A Cleaner burning fuel, providing valuable benefits such as increased fuel efficiency, reduced boiler maintenance issues and the risk of costly breakdowns
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Northern Energy and the Environment

Our objective is to commit to being environmentally responsible for our operational activities, the services we provide, and the effects they have on others and our employees, to such an extent that we will ultimately achieve a level of excellence in the way we care for our environment.

We are taking important steps to help reduce the effects our activities have on the environment, ensuring they are kept to a minimum. We are committed to ensuring all functions within our organisation are regularly reviewed, thus ensuring continual improvement.

Our Environmental Policy Statement commits us to improving awareness of our activities on the environment by regular monitoring of our environmental performance against objectives set by our committed Management Team.

  • Reduces waste to the lowest possible level, ensuring responsible disposal of all waste, and measuring performance by undertaking regular audits, comparing results to established targets.
  • Reduces to a minimum our use of all sources of energy and the misuse of all materials, measuring performance against previous usage and improving on the environmental effects.
  • Minimises at all times unnecessary actions which will have an adverse effect on our environment as individuals and as an organisation.
  • Advocates employee involvement in all environmental matters, providing sufficient training relating to our environmental policy to enable them to offer advice and assistance to our customers regarding energy efficiency, with assistance provided by the Energy Savings Trust.
  • We will seek to ensure that any products or services supplied by a third party, where possible, do not contravene our environmental policy, by means of handling, storage and disposal.
  • Ensures all employees and all persons involved with our organisation are made aware of our environmental policy and agree to comply with it.

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What our clients are saying...

  • "Excellent service , easy to order with polite efficient sales staff. Delivery drivers friendly and reliable, very impressed with all round customer service. "
    Mrs J
  • "Your telephone is answered quickly and in a friendly manner followed up with call/message of delivery date."
    Mrs B
  • "My husband and I are very pleased with your overall service and have recommended your service to other people round about. We rate you 10. Many thanks "
    Mrs B
  • "Yes I would recommend you, I score 10. The 'PPP' keeps my tank topped up, no VAT to pay. A very good efficient firm with nice friendly delivery men. Thank you "
    Mr W
  • "Been with you now since 2005 would recommend you to anyone"
    Mr W
  • "Always good service from ring (a day before) to say delivery is on it's way to the tank being filled up, thanks guys!"
    Mr T
  • "Last year I recommended you to my neighbour and he is equally happy with your service."
    Mrs S
  • "I have just recommended your company to a friend who's just moved into a new home and uses oil. I have given you 10 in ratings."
    Mr M
  • "We find the whole service really easy & efficient"
    Mrs M
  • "We are new customers, but the one delivery we have had came on time. The driver was very friendly and quick with no mess. Very pleased and no need to go elsewhere!"
    Mrs D
  • "I have always been very happy with the service I've recieved from Northern Energy and in fact have got you 2 more customers in the village. The delivery men are always courteous and I think that goes a long way! Northern Energy get a five star rating from me."
    Mr C
  • "I am pleased with your automatic top-up system. It saves me worrying about running out and presumably saves you money if you can top up a group of neighbouring customers in one delivery - so win-win. "
    Mr D
  • "We have been very impressed with the service received from Northern Energy. The team are always very friendly and always willing to help in any which way they can. If we are cancelling a delivery there are never any questions asked. Recently we had a new oil tank fitted and the oil was delivered within two days of being ordered (we had allowed up to 5 days)."
    Mr K
  • "As a customer I love the all inclusive package of oil and maintenance that you offer. As a second home owner, we never run out of oil like we do ‘at home’ because you keep us ‘topped up’."
    Mr C